Elvis, JFK, Evita... The most visited graves and tombs in the world

Embark On An Unforgettable Adventure With BDR’s Northern California Route

A feast for the eyes and a challenge for man and machine.

England rugby captain excited to take on Ireland in Twickenham

Captain and hooker Jamie George spoke to the media after the Six Nations game at the Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh. Scotland won the Calcutta Cup, defeating England 30-21.

10 of the Most Unique Museums In the United States

Add these one-of-a-kind destinations to your travel bucket list.

The mysterious beauty of ancient Maya monuments

The ancient Maya civilization left behind it a remarkable architectural legacy, a collection of fabulous must-see monuments found in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Browse the gallery and visit some of Central America's most outstanding archaeological sites.

This New Train Route Takes You From Paris to the French Alps for a Dreamy Winter Trip

And it's aboard the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Why Niagra Falls is so much more than a waterfall

As well as the world-famous landmark, Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada has plenty of attractions and experiences the whole family will enjoy.

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

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The most beautiful train routes across Europe

25 of the most luxurious cars ever

UFC 303, UFC 306 dates and locations announced

As UFC Fight Night 237 rolled on Saturday from Mexico City, the promotion announced two upcoming pay-per-views for 2024. Both cards will take place in Las Vegas, but at different venues. UFC 303 will take place June 29 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas,…

Test yourself: name the airline from its logo

Think you know your KLM from your Qantas? Take our fun quiz to match these airlines with their logos.

Beloved NYC owl Flaco dies after colliding with Upper West side building one year after vandals helped him stage great escape from Central Park Zoo

New York City's favorite feathered friend has tragically died after colliding with a building on the Upper West Side a year after vandals helped him escape captivity.

Sikka moves to new location, but local culture remains at art festival's core

Since its inception in 2011, the Sikka Art and Design Platform has been synonymous with its venue, Al Fahidi, even taking its name from the narrow alleyways of the historical neighbourhood. However, this year, the event has moved. At face value, it is an almost unfathomable move for the festival. But its new home Al Shindagha, once Dubai’s hub and ...

Full Snow Moon will light up skies around the world tonight - here's the best time to see the astronomical display

While there's no snow forecast for tonight, there will still be a wintery treat in the skies. This evening, a Full Snow Moon will light up the skies around the world.

The world's most beautiful holiday destinations in photos

Irish alt-rock band NewDad on their debut album, falling out, and curses: ‘It’s no wonder bands don’t always last’

Irish alt-rock band NewDad on their debut album, falling out, and curses: ‘It’s no wonder bands don’t always last’ - NEW SENSATIONS: Before setting off on tour, the Galway four-piece head down to the pub for a chat with Ellie Muir. They open up about what it really means to get signed by a major label, still having to work a job on the side – and why it’s never a good idea to live with your bandmates

England rugby coach praises CLINICAL Scotland after 31-21 loss

This is the first time that England have suffered four consecutive Calcutta Cup defeats since 1896 and the giddy Scottish fans were even heckling for their opponents to be kicked out of the Six Nations.

The best US cities for digital nomads

When people talk about digital nomads—freelancers and entrepreneurs traveling the globe and living that ideal, Insta-worthy lifestyle—they often think about places far from US borders. But America is a big country with major tech hubs, start-up culture hot spots, beautiful beaches, and incredible coffee shops. If you’re going to vagabond around, why not base yourself in the US for a while? See the sights, drink the caffeine, meet the people, and do some networking. Here are the best places in the US for digital nomads. Click on!

Eight amazing nomadic groups from around the world

The VERY sneaky tricks plane passengers are using to board flights early revealed

Experts say a rising number of air travelers have begun using both ethical and unethical tricks to ensure they board the aircraft first including faking disabilities and cutting into lines

UAE: More than 17 million tourists expected to travel to Dubai this year

There is also an increasing focus on travelling more responsibly and investing in initiatives like reducing carbon footprint and environmental conservation

Scotland 31-21 England: Steve Borthwick press conference

England head coach Steve Borthwick and captain and hooker Jamie George spoke to the media after the Six Nations game at the Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh. Scotland won the Calcutta Cup, defeating England 30-21.

I’m a Travel Journalist, and These Are the 14 Safety Items My Inner Circle of Solo Female Travelers Swear By

Discover the world with these must-have travel essentials in tow, which start at $8 at Amazon.

Death toll in Spain apartment block fire rises to 10

The victims of a huge fire that ripped through an apartment block in the Spanish city of Valencia were mourned on Saturday as authorities said the death toll had risen to 10. The blaze, fanned by strong winds, broke out on Thursday evening in the affluent El Campanar district. Police had revised the number of dead to nine from 10 on Friday in the p...

Adelena Carnival Returns: A Festive Display at Adhari Park

Bahrain's eagerly anticipated Adelena Carnival is back to delight visitors with an unparalleled experience of fun and excitement at the renowned Adhari Park. The carnival kicked off on February 20th and is running until March 2nd, 2024.Read More: Things You Don't Want to Miss at Bahrain Food

NRL Las Vegas: What’s the difference between rugby league and rugby union?

For those not familiar with rugby league and rugby union, it would be easy to confuse the pair as simply 'rugby'.

The travel destinations of our dreams

Saudi Arabia pays Guinness World Records in 'new whitewashing' ruse - and is awarded records for stunningly boring achievements including 'largest multi-effect distillation desalination unit' and 'largest dental hospital'

This week, Guinness World Records announced ten new awards for the country, a decision which has come under fire by human rights groups.

UAE, Kuwait: A journey of financial and economic integration between two brotherly countries

ABU DHABI, 24th February, 2024 (WAM) -- The relationship between the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait is an exceptional example of two countries eager to enhance cooperation across various fields, including the financial sector. They are bound by several agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) that contribute to increasing the volume of investments and trade exchange to higher levels. The latest of these agreements was signed by the...

40 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

The world really was a different place back then.

Beautiful in Blue! Anne Hathaway stuns at the 2024 SAG Awards

Beautiful in Blue! Anne Hathaway stuns in a plunging blue dress at the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Anne's red carpet look features a gold belt buckle and a diamond necklace.

I've been on nearly 30 cruises. Here are 11 things I always pack and 4 I leave at home.

I've been on nearly 30 cruises throughout my life, so I've done plenty of trial and error to learn the best things to pack and what to leave behind.

Inside the world's abandoned hotels and airports left frozen in time

We take a look at the most astonishing abandoned airports and hotels.

UAE weather: Light to moderate rain expected in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Sunday's forecast indicates a gradual increase in cloud cover over the Arabian Gulf from morning until afternoon

BAFTAs 2024 red carpet: the best and worst looks

The Japanese Hummer you’ve never heard of

The Mega Cruiser is still Toyota's biggest off-roader, but was forever in the shadow of its American counterpart

Incredible graphic reveals tallest buildings throughout history

Below, MailOnline has created an incredible interactive graphic which allows you to see the tallest buildings since the Great Pyramid was completed in 2570BC.

Stunning hotel room that boasts the 'best view in the world'

Dzenisa Forlano took to Instagram to document her trip to the Dolomitenhütte - a hotel located in the Lienz Dolomites, Austria. Her bedroom sat high above a snowy abyss with views of the mountains beyond.

This Dreamy Coastal Road Trip in Montenegro Includes Charming Small Towns, Gorgeous Beaches, and Storybook Architecture

Buckle up for fairy-tale views.

Localised heavy rain overnight over eastern, northern and central regions

24/02/2024 17:35, TUNIS/Tunisia (TAP)-Rain is expected over most regions on Saturday night. This rain will be temporarily stormy and locally intense over the eastern, northern and central regions. Snow is also expected in the western highlands of the north and centre. A strong northwesterly wind will blow near the coasts and on higher ground. Elsewhere, the wind will be moderate to relatively strong. Temperatures will be between 8 and 11°C at...

All about Isla Fisher: from her shocking place of birth to her religious conversion

An ex-flight attendant who flew with 2 US airlines shares ways travelers can save money on flights — without skiplagging

Travelers should search for the cheapest airfare upgrades and not just the cheapest economy fare, Bobby Laurie told Business Insider.

Terrifying moment power bank explodes on plane - sending flames and smoke through cabin and sparking mid-air passenger panic on AirAsia flight in Thailand

The plane was flying from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat in the south of the country when flames and smoke were seen 30 minutes in.

Key West deal alert: Fly south from Houston, NYC and Washington D.C. from $193 roundtrip

This sale is mainly for travel from March through May on American Airlines and United Airlines.

Miss Universe has changed: see how the rules are more flexible now

I thought I'd hate all-inclusive resorts. Then I went to one.

Business Insider's reporter spent two nights at an all-inclusive resort in Belize, where she explored nature and fell in love with a new way to vacation.

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The lost underwater cities we've only just discovered

Discover the incredible underwater cities we thought were gone forever...

America's best beaches REVEALED - so did you favorite sandy spot make the list?

The top 10 U.S. beaches to visit this year have been revealed by the world's largest travel guidance platform, and there are some unexpected gems on the list.