Outrage as bone belonging to one of Bible's most famous figures stolen

A bone fragment smaller than a fingernail belonging to a famous New Testament figure was stolen from the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City on July 10.

Cruise liners may BOYCOTT Spanish destinations if...

Cruise liners may decide to boycott popular destinations in Spain, such as Mallorca and Ibiza, if anti-tourism protests and 'violent attitudes' towards holiday-makers continue to escalate.

Aussie issued with fine over 'five-minute' stop at beach

Amy Sloane shared a photo of the ticket she copped at The Esplanade at Caves Beach, Newcastle, to 'check out the surf' on July 6.

Free solo: Climbing on the edge of death

There are people out there who choose to climb mountains taller than the Empire State Building, completely alone, and without ropes or any safety equipment! These adrenaline junkies flew under the radar for a long time, but now the art of free solo has made it onto the world stage. Click through this gallery to learn about this extreme sport and those who have mastered it.

I've Eaten At Nearly Every Single Chain Restaurant—These Are The Best Menu Items

Two years later and 20 restaurants down, this is our official list. People always ask: What are the *best* chain restaurant menu items? Honestly, I've tried too many to count; they've all become a massive blur in my memory. So, to make your lives easier (and, selfishly, mine), I've made the official ranking of the best menu items at each restaurant I've visited. Buckle up y'all.

Fascinating facts you didn’t know about Disney parks

No one denies that Disney World is a magical place, but what most might not know is that Disney parks are filled with secrets. Walt Disney was a magical thinker and he loved inserting subtle movie references and other surprises to be discovered all over his parks. Check out some interesting facts about Disney parks that you probably didn’t know. Click on!

A long way from his Entourage days! Adrian Grenier pushes mountains of luggage and a baby capsule as he arrives in Byron Bay with wife Jordan Roemmele and son Seiko

He's the US actor who as Vincent Chase on the hit HBO show Entourage, was used to receiving VIP treatment.

The most mysterious disappearances in history

Throughout the course of human history, there have been several cases of individuals going missing that have captivated and bewildered authorities, loved ones, and the general public. While some of these missing persons have eventually been located, the whereabouts of others continue to be a mystery. Click on the gallery and read about the most mysterious and controversial disappearances in history!

The fascinating story of US currency

The next time you purchase an item or pay for a service in US dollars, give some thought to the money you're using. The history of American currency is a fascinating one, evolving from the earliest colonial coinage through the introduction of Continental bills to "greenbacks" and the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and Federal Reserve Notes we are all familiar with today. So, are you ready to cash in on the origins of US currency? Click through and spend time learning more about the money that made America.

British men shot dead in 'gangland hit' in Sweden

The driver and passenger, who are believed to be British citizens, were found in the gutted remains of a Toyota RAV4 that had been rented in Denmark and driven across the border to Sweden.

Overrated tourist spots you should avoid

For every tourist destination worth the effort and expense to visit, there's a cheap trick that isn’t worth either and yet still, somehow, draws crowds. Check out this gallery, based on a list from Far and Wide, that will help shed light on some of the shadiest tourist traps. And keep in mind, one person's tacky trap is another's perfect Instagram!

Good luck charms, bad luck signs!

People around the world have always tried to boost their good fortunes with talismans, trinkets, and tokens. Indeed, every culture and country has a different symbol or practice that they believe brings them fortune and good luck. Similarly, there are visions and signals that many believe are harbingers of misfortune and bad luck. So, are you feeling superstitious? Click through following gallery for some good luck charms and bad luck signs from around the world.

Dubai Unveils New 4.5km Bike and Scooter Tracks in Hatta

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has just wrapped up an exciting project: a brand-new 4-kilometer track for bikes and e-scooters in Hatta! This upgrade is all about getting you outside, moving, and being physically active.Read More: Enjoy Hatta Views Now With Rental Bikes and e-Scoo

Dubai Customs commences Intellectual Property Summer 2024

DUBAI, 17th July, 2024 (WAM) -- Dubai Customs commenced the Intellectual Property Summer Events 2024 under the theme "Innovate, Protect," organised by the IPR Department of the Policies and Legislation Division, aiming to promote awareness to the importance of protecting Intellectual Property and encourage innovation and creativity between different segments of society. The events, that were held at Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services...

Mysterious religious relics from around the world

Often regarded as sacred and/or believed to possess extraordinary qualities, over the centuries numerous religious relics have been preserved. These relics are highly valued and revered. Can you imagine a tooth that continues to grow or blood that has remained liquid for 1700 years? As incredible as that might sound, the Holy Right (the right hand of St. Stephen) displayed in Budapest, and Saint Catherine of Siena's head, shown in Siena, Italy, are examples of such oddities. Intrigued? Click through the gallery to learn about fascinating religious relics, from around the world.

I ate at the Paris bistro that's now owned by the richest man in Europe. It has many critics, but one dish won me over.

The richest man in Europe, Bernard Arnault, just bought Chez L'Ami Louis. The Paris bistro has mixed reviews and famously high prices, but I loved it.

Defected Records in Dubai: Gorgon City, Eats Everything, A-Trak and more to headline

It’s back…. A British independent label group that has been responsible for some of the biggest parties across the UK, Ibiza, and Miami. Defected Records is finally back in Dubai. Specialising in house music, get ready for three days of unbeatable line-ups and no-nonsense vibes. This year we will be grooving for two straight days […]

The wonderful wetlands of the United States

America's wetlands, bogs, swamps, and marshes usually get a bad rap. They've been associated with humid, mosquito-infested, alligator-haunted areas of horrors for a large portion of history, and some today still hold that misconception. In truth, the wetlands of the United States, and the world at large, are some of the most beautiful, fascinating, and important ecosystems there are. More than where to find mosquitos and scary reptiles, they are also home to innumerable species of birds, butterflies, and fish. And to put aesthetics aside altogether, wetlands are also some of the hardest-working ecosystems in the world. They filter our air, fortify our coastlines, and blunt the damage that violent storms can bring. Intrigued? Then click on to take a look at some of America's most magnificent wetlands.

Gulf states condemn rare Oman attack claimed by Daesh

The early morning attack on a mosque in Muscat killed six and wounded 28

The most outrageous acts of piracy in history

The sea can be a dangerous place, but not only for its unpredictable storms and mysterious waters. Pirates have been lurking the seven seas for centuries, causing chaos for whomever crossed their paths. Defined as the act of committing robbery by ship, piracy often has the goal of attacking and stealing cargo and other valuable goods from other vessels. But there have also been instances when pirates took over actual islands and kidnapped important figures. So, what are some of history's most audacious acts of piracy? Click on to find out.

Cool caves around the world you can actually visit

Some of the most amazing spectacles are hidden deep underground, beneath rocks, sea and even ice.

The world's deadliest rivers

Humans have always been fascinated by rivers, and indeed they've played a huge role in our development as a species. A source of drinking water, food, and irrigation, rivers have always been present in our lives. But not all rivers are calm streams of crystal clear water. In fact, some are heavily polluted, while others are teeming with dangerous wildlife (and dangerous humans). Many have flooded to the point of killing millions of people, and many others continue to do so by other means. Curious to discover the deadliest rivers on the planet? Then click on!

I’m a Travel Writer, and Out of the 5 Million Prime Day Deals on Site, These Are the 12 I’m Shopping

From Apple AirTags to the Kindle Paperwhite, I have my sights set on some of the best discounts at Amazon right now.

Beyoncé's road to pop culture royalty and country stardom

Building on the success of her 2022 album 'Renaissance' and the spectacular world tour that followed it, Beyoncé released a surprise new single that's shooting her to the top of the charts in a whole new genre. 'Texas Hold 'Em' was released after the Super Bowl along with another single called '16 Carriages.' The releases came with the announcement that 'Act II,' the second album in her 'Renaissance' trilogy project, will be released on March 29. Based on the first two singles, it's set to be a country-themed album and a strong contrast to Act I's thumping party anthems. 'Texas Hold 'Em' debuted at number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, making her the first Black woman ever to top the chart. This also made her the first woman ever to have number-one hits on both the Hot Country Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hip Songs charts. Beyoncé is likely the most well-known singer in the world, and she's one of the few stars who has achieved such a legacy through an almost unbelievably clean, uphill trajectory. It seems with each project or performance she outdoes herself, and at this point she really is her only competition at the top. To celebrate her ongoing success, why not read some interesting facts about Beyoncé's story so far? From her style inspiration to her favorite film, once you're done here you may as well be a part of the Beyhive (if you aren't already).

St Regis Abu Dhabi blends city and seaside vibes in the UAE capital – Hotel Insider

One thing that the UAE excels at is luxury hotel stays and across the emirates there are no shortage of options. For those exploring the capital, the St Regis Abu Dhabi on the Corniche offers a blend of city stay and seaside escape. Minutes from downtown, the five-star hotel caters to all types of visitors – from business travellers looking to unwi...

Saudia Airlines sees no delays to Airbus jet deliveries

State-owned parent Saudia Group had placed an order for 105 narrow-body Airbus planes in May

Rare video of uncontacted tribe shows members emerging from Amazon rainforest amid 'humanitarian disaster'

Rare footage of an uncontacted tribe shows its members face "humanitarian disaster" as loggers encroach on their territory, a British human rights group has warned.

Dubai Summer Surprises 2024: A season of unmatched fun, entertainment

DUBAI — The Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) 2024 has unveiled its most extensive and thrilling edition yet, promising a summer filled with endless fun and adventure. Running from June 28 to September 1, DSS 2024 offers a variety of activities, spectacular deals, and entertainment, making Dubai the ultimate summer destination for residents and visitors alike. A season packed with unforgettable experiences Organised by Dubai Festivals and Retail...

Here’s why you should visit the new VOX Cinemas in Jeddah Park

This new kid on the block packs a punch… Believe it or not, movie theatres are a dime a dozen here, and they are bigger than ever, providing all the atmosphere you need to watch the latest flicks. If you’re someone who appreciates a new cinematic experience, this cool, new spot in Jeddah is giving […]

12 top ’80s off-roaders

What physics says about time travel

The concept of time travel has captivated readers and moviegoers for many decades now. But while people have been fascinated by the idea, no one has managed to make the notion of time travel any more of a reality than before. It seems like a dream that's just a bit too far from reach. But in an age where science continues to push the boundaries of what's possible, do we even know—in theory—what the physics of time travel might involve? Curious? Click on to discover what we know so far about the prospect of journeying through time.

The best Prime Day luggage deals, including a set of 2 suitcases for just $27

This Amazon Prime Day, you can save big on luggage with carry-ons, checked bags, and luggage sets at their lowest prices of the summer.

Bangkok hotel cyanide murder victims 'were poisoned by US woman'

Sherine Chong, 56, is thought to have poisoned herself and five other people after she accrued huge debts related to an investment in a hospital in Japan.

Record setters: Which world records look set to be broken at the Paris Olymics?

Countries with the most millionaires and billionaires

Money might not make the world go around in a literal sense, but it certainly does give it a helping hand. Between investments, inheritances, and good business, there are cities around the world that have accumulated a nice list of wealthy people. But we’re here to look at which countries most of them call home. Curious? Click through the gallery to see which nations boast the highest number of millionaires and billionaires.

Curious facts about ancient Greece

About 2,500 years ago, Greece was one of the most important places in the ancient world. The ancient Greeks were great thinkers, writers, athletes, artists, and politicians who left a huge inheritance in fields like democracy, drama, and philosophy. Modern civilization owes a lot to ancient Greece, as it helped establish many foundations of today's cultures. Want to learn more about this glorious ancestor of modern civilization? Then click through the following gallery.

The countries most affected by organized crime groups

For many people around the world, there is no other option. Gang life is the only choice that makes sense to get anywhere in life in certain war-torn, politically unstable, and economically desolate countries. These nations struggle with a dark underbelly of criminality while the surface may seem appealing and beautiful. Think about the lush tropical rainforests of Brazil, the beautiful savannas of South Africa, and the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas. Many of these countries have battled the existence of gang life and the violence that follows them. Click through the gallery to find out which countries have been most affected by these criminal groups.

Witch or saint? Who was Joan of Arc, really?

Heroine, martyr, and saint, Joan of Arc has been an incarnation of French national identity and pride for six centuries. Known as the Maid of Orléans for her role in the defeat of the English in 1429, Joan of Arc was later executed by her enemies for heresy. She was canonized as a Roman Catholic saint more than 500 years later, and remains one of France's most revered and celebrated figures. Indeed, her death on May 30, 1431, is commemorated annually as a national feast day. But who was Joan of Arc, and why is her life so ingrained in the country's national psyche? Click through and find out more about the Maid of Orléans.

The turbulent life of Billie Holiday

When it comes to jazz vocalists, there are few more iconic than Billie Holiday. Born in Philadelphia and raised in New York, the singer suffered much hardship in her short life. A vocalist of undeniably extraordinary talent, however, she was nonetheless able to firmly cement her position among the greats. Her struggles with alcohol and substance abuse may have got the better of her, but her legacy as a musician remains very much alive in popular culture. Check out this gallery to learn all about the life and times of Billie Holiday.

An Andy Warhol exhibition is coming to Dubai in September

You’ll even get to see the famous Marilyn Monroe portrait… Pop art. You can see it everywhere from Marvel movies to cartoons, and tattoos. The art style was made famous by American visual artist, Andy Warhol who painted the famous Campbell Soup Cans and the Marilyn Monroe portrait. And art fans, you’re in luck because […]

Reason iconic Aussie landmark is shutting its doors

One of Australia's most iconic tourist destinations will remain closed for 18 months to two years after severe floods destroyed the only road into the area over the summer.

The amazing underwater world of the kelp forest

Kelp forests harbor a greater variety and higher diversity of plants and animals than almost any other ocean community. In fact, these extraordinary marine environments are recognized as one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on Earth. So, what else besides the octopus calls a kelp forest home? Click through and take a dive through this amazing underwater habitat.

Brit tourist, 30, fighting for life after jumping from Poland bridge

The family now fear the infection has spread to his lungs, and said Liam had to be placed in an induced coma to receive life-saving treatment in northern Poland

Amazon Makes My Favorite Matching Set for Travel — and I'm Shopping More Comfy Plane Outfits From $15 Today

From comfy sweatsuits to stylish sets, these outfits belong in your travel wardrobe.

Gareth Southgate leaves England! What are his greatest achievements as England manager?

Spain's prettiest towns and villages

Spain is celebrated for its sun-kissed coastal resorts and swathes of golden sand. But this vast country, one of the largest nations in Europe, is possessed of an interior characterized by numerous historic towns and villages of exceptional charm and beauty. Many date back to the medieval period, and retain a singular allure that is at once beguiling as it is appealing. Click through and discover Spain's prettiest towns and villages.

Surreal rock formations around the world

Rock formations, sculpted by the relentless forces of nature, stand as some of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders on our planet. From the towering sandstone cliffs of Wadi Rum to the whimsical Queen's Head, each formation tells a unique story of geological processes spanning millions of years. These natural sculptures, shaped by elements like wind, water, and volcanic activity, create landscapes so surreal they often defy belief. For a journey into the heart of our planet's most stunning natural art, click through this gallery.

UAE explores avenues of cooperation in key sectors with Angola

DUBAI, 17th July, 2024 (WAM) – Mohamed bin Hadi Al Hussaini, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, met with Vera Esperança dos Santos Daves de Sousa, Minister of Finance of Angola, at the Ministry of Finance office in Dubai. The meeting was attended by Júlio Belarmino Gomes Maiato, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola to the UAE, along with several ministry officials.Al Hussaini welcomed the Angolan Minister of Finance and discussed potential...

Egypt receives 5 LNG shipments out of 21 contracted cargoes to meet power stations’ needs: EGAS

Egypt has received five international shipments of liquefied natural gas out of 21 contracted cargoes as part of the country8217s urgent plan to provide for the needs of power plants said the stateowned Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company EGAS In a statement Monday EGAS said that the ships carrying the 155000 cubic meter LNG shipments hellip

UK inflation stays at 2% despite surge in hotel prices

UK inflation stays at 2% despite surge in hotel prices - The rate of Consumer Prices Index inflation remained unchanged at 2% in June, the Office for National Statistics said.