Ravensburger’s successful trading card game, Disney Lorcana, is getting its fifth set — Shimmering Skies — and it includes lots of top-tier characters you’ll want to collect. The set includes two starter decks with characters like Wreck-it Ralph, Elsa, and Donald Duck, to name a few. There’s also The Great Illuminary, a new location card set in a “radiant ballroom.”

Shimmering Skies, announced Wednesday in a livestream, includes gameplay mechanics that’ll be further explained closer to the release date: Aug. 9 for local game stores and Disney properties, and Aug. 23 for mass market retailers. For now, enjoy these peeks at the new cards.

Wreck-it Ralph makes its Lorcana debut with several character cards including two Vanellope von Schweetz cards and Ralph himself. The Vanellope von Schweetz, Random Roster Racer card is especially exciting, granting players the ability to rush, aka challenge a turn. There’s also a Donald Duck card, an Elsa rush card, and (most exciting to me) a Kronk card that slates him as head of security.

As for non-character cards, players will have two new locations and a new action, You’re Welcome, which lets you shuffle the chosen card into your deck and draw two. Locations include the ballroom, mentioned earlier, and Bad-Anon, Villian Support Center where villain characters can work on improving themselves.

Check out the rest of the new cards below, or browse the previous set, Ursula’s Return, to hold you over while you await the new decks.

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