Seattle is known for its daring culinary flavors and Middle Eastern food is on the top of the list. A rich Mediterranean cuisine full of flavors, legumes, and hearty ingredients. Here are the top 8 restaurants we recommend:

Mamnoon: Mamnoon offers a modern take on Middle Eastern cuisine, featuring dishes from various regions such as Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Their mezze (small plates) and kebabs are highly recommended.

Cafe Munir: Located in Ballard, Cafe Munir serves delicious Lebanese cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. Their menu includes classics like falafel, shawarma, and various vegetarian options.

Petra Mediterranean Bistro: This family-owned restaurant in Belltown offers a wide range of Middle Eastern dishes, from kabobs to shawarma. The food is known for its authentic flavors and generous portions.

Mawadda Cafe: Located in the University District, Mawadda Cafe is a popular spot for both traditional and modern Middle Eastern fare. The shawarma and falafel are favorites among locals.

Aladdin Falafel Corner: Aladdin Falafel Corner, located in the heart of Capitol Hill, is known for its affordable and tasty Middle Eastern food. Their falafel wraps and platters are highly regarded.

Cafe Turko: While primarily focusing on Turkish cuisine, Cafe Turko also offers some Middle Eastern dishes. Their kebabs and baklava are popular choices.

Garlic Crush: With multiple locations in the Seattle area, Garlic Crush offers a modern twist on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Their garlic-infused dishes and customizable bowls are worth trying.

Mediterranean Kitchen: Located in the University District and Bellevue, Mediterranean Kitchen serves a variety of Middle Eastern dishes, including kebabs, gyros, and vegetarian options. Their flavorful sauces and generous portions are noteworthy.

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