Evening temperatures in the UAE will dip to the high 20s this weekend, with more cool night-time weather to continue throughout the week ahead.

Fresh and breezy winds will come as a relief to residents after a blast of high humidity in August and September.

The National Centre of Meteorology forecasts lows of 29ºC in Abu Dhabi on Saturday, and 26ºC in Dubai on Sunday.

Highs will reach 44ºC in both emirates all weekend.

North-easterly winds will reach speeds of up to 40kph on Sunday, blowing up sand and dust, and reducing air quality.

On Monday Dubai will cool during the day, with the mercury only reaching 41ºC, but Abu Dhabi will remain just as hot.

Winds will calm down with speeds of up to 35kph on Monday, with humidity continuing into the evening.

On Tuesday both emirates will cool slightly, with highs of 42ºC in Abu Dhabi and 40ºC in Dubai.

Low clouds are expected over the eastern coasts in the morning, with south-easterly winds of up to 40kph stirring up dust and reducing visibility.

There will be a chance of fog and mist over some coastal and internal areas in the mornings next week.

Conditions will be calm in the Arabian and Oman seas, and moderate next week.

UAE weather – in pictures

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