10 Tallest Buildings In The World: If ‘Acrophobia’ (fear of heights) is one of your issues, then this article is surely NOT for you. The field of architecture has changed drastically ever since humanity understood and began to follow the concept of ‘shelter’. From caves to huts, huts to houses, which eventually led to mansions and palaces, humans have come a long way. And somewhere in the middle, man also discovered the usefulness and the beauty of buildings and structures that made humans feel like ants, yet Royal at the same time. 

So understandably, humans, by the time they tapped into constructing mega structures, ended up building buildings that now proudly touch the skies. But even among those sky-touching structures, a few topped the charts. So, we thought to take a look at those very structures. We found out about some of the tallest buildings in the world. The list was compiled by the ‘Britannica’. 

Here are the 10 tallest buildings in the world:

Burj Khalifa

The building that made major headlines for being the tallest in the world, as soon as it opened its door to the public in 2010, is UAE’s Burj Khalifa. The building is Dubai’s one of the centre attractions, which stands 828 metres in height. 

Merdeka 118

The second tallest building in the world is comparatively the newest on the list, as it was built in 2023. Malaysia’s Merdeka 118 is 679 metres tall and is in Kuala Lumpur. 

Shanghai Tower

Next on the list of the world’s tallest buildings in the world is China’s Shanghai Tower. As the name suggested, the building is in Shanghai and is 632 metres long. The structure was built in 2015. 

Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Next on the list is Saudi Arabia's Makkah Royal Clock Tower. The tower was built in 2012 and is 601 metres long. 

Ping An Finance Center

Coming back to China for the fifth tallest building in the world, we have the Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen. The 599-metre-long building was built in 2017.

Lotte World Tower

The sixth tallest building in the world is in South Korea; Lotte World Tower. The 555-metre-long tower in Seoul was built in 2017.

One World Trade Center

The US' One World Trade Center is next on the list of the tallest buildings in the world. The building is 541 metres long and was built in 2014 in New York. 

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

China is surely leading the list as the eighth tallest building in the world is the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou. The 530-metre-long building was built in 2016. 

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Coming back to China yet again, the ninth tallest building in the world is the Tianjin CTF Finance Centre in Tianjin. The building was built in 2019 and is 530 metres long. 

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Ending the list with China, not surprising anymore, we have the CITIC Tower. The 528-metre-long tower was built in 2018 and is in Beijing.

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