Two days after four American educators from a small university in Iowa were allegedly stabbed in a public park in the Jilin province of northeast China, a suspect has been arrested. The authorities have identified the stabbing suspect by his last name, Cui, who was described as a 55-year-old man from the city's Longtan District. The educators were visiting a partner university in China when the attack occurred on Monday.

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The development came after Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a US Congress representative from Iowa, stated that they are communicating with the US Embassy to address this matter. Iowa's Governor Kim Reynolds also said she is in touch with the US State Department about the "horrifying" attack.

"I am in touch with Iowa's federal delegation and the state department in response to this horrifying attack. Please pray for their full recovery, safe return, and their families here at home," he said.

The New York Times referenced a video shared on Chinese social media, purportedly taken after the attack. In the footage, three people were seen on the ground. One person was visibly drenched in blood, while another seemed to be applying pressure to a wound with their hand. All three were observed using their cell phones.

In recent times, China and the United States have aimed to strengthen their educational ties to help stabilise their strained relationship. Last November, China President Xi Jinping unveiled a proposal to welcome 50,000 young Americans to exchange and study programs that span five years.

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